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Smart Classroom Solution

What makes a classroom smart? As well as being equipped with all the necessary furnishings, fittings and acoustics, what makes a classroom smart is the integration of software technology, advanced hardware and internet connection to enhance teaching and makes learning engaging and interactive for the students. Aside from digital and mobile devices like smart tablets, we provide multimedia projectors, document cameras, wireless presentation systems, interactive whiteboards and digital displays, blended learning management systems, distance learning systems and other audio-visual components that make up a smart classroom. Contact us to transform your traditional classroom into a smart one.

Speech Laboratories

Being proficient in English is important the moment students graduate from school. Speech laboratories would help improve English proficiency among Filipino students making them more competitive than their counterparts in nearby countries. We have been responsible for the installation of several digital speech laboratories in some provinces in the region. Aside from the hardware component, we provide a software package that is capable of recording, playing, analyzing, processing, displaying and storing speech. Together with AVLS, we can even provide advanced speech laboratories that are equipped to track acoustic signal, nasal and oral airflow as well as information about lip or tongue movements. Contact us to discuss the advantages of digital speech laboratories.

Meeting Room and Boardroom Solutions

What makes a meeting room a good one? From peddling overhead projectors back in the old days, where it used to be the only thing that upgrades any room into a good meeting room, we now provide audio-visual solutions that can be integrated with video conferencing systems, digital displays, room control and various interfaces that make up a productive meeting room and boardroom. Contact us to know more.

Discussion Systems

Some meetings are held in a round or oval table where everyone who are seated around it are expected to speak and be heard by everyone else. Such meetings require a discussion system. It provides each member with a unit that has a loudspeaker and a microphone with control features to encourage a focused and more productive discussion. We can supply conference and discussion systems, from wireless or portable to installed systems in a boardroom, or in a large convention hall. Contact us if you need a discussion system.

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